Rafa: Practice Gifs

Rafa was upset he lost a bet and had to give his shirt per this tweet. - @davidjnadal
Tio Toni laughing <3

Nice view. Nice hair. Nice arms. 

Rafa is done practice…

1. He’s like, I’m done here lemme walk alone.
2. Yummm, Evian.
3. Oh, *giggle* I just got stopped to do an interview.
4. Benito… ehhh, what are you doing Rafa?
5. Look at Tio Toni smirking!
6. Que?! Tio Toni can’t take it, Maymo is smiling.
7. Rafa is all like heeeeeeeeee!
8. It’s all good, everybody happy, Tio Toni snorting
9. Smiles everywhere, adorable.

The end. 

"In Cincinnati *giggle* he played really bad." - Tio Toni

"In Cincinnati *giggle* he played really bad." - Tio Toni

Rafa’s Flawless Box

Rafa vs. Tio Toni

Rafa y Tio Toni

Tio Toni is so awesome. He just stands there like a boss and Rafa yells at him in Spanish a lot, but he takes none of it. I love their relationship.

Tio Toni Gets Some Love

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