Muzz at USO

Rogers Cup: Andy Murray

Rogers Cup: I met a few players…

Muzz’s Face

Don’t let this post fool you… but, this is Muzz’s face!!! I am sorry Ang, I really tried to take pics of him, but this is all I got… I quit.

These are five different pics guys (read: Stella)!!!

Happy Birthday, Muzzy!!


I can’t hate you big choker you. I’m still LMAO. He was serving for the match and broke himself with a DF. Then he yells “Fucking shit fuck”. Anyway Happy Birthday Andrew Murray. Always the bridesmaid never a bride. 

priceless reaction to an unforced error.

I love tennis, Rafael Nadal, and traveling. I also like Fer, Feli, and Pico. Barça is my team.