Davis Cup: Marc! and Marcel. The cutest and dorkiest doubles team. 
Ai Se Eu Te Pego included. 

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I have taken a 2 week tennis break, but am looking forward to Davis Cup this weekend. I just realized I met all the Spain Davis Cup members of 2011 and 2012 last year! VAMOS Armada!

Armada DC Finale

Davis Cup ‘11… Let there be:

Smiley Rafa…

Fer’s ass…

Ferru getting thrown in the air…

Feli getting excited with Ferru beside him…

Ferru kissing Feli…


Marc and Rafa bromance…

Fer and Feli making up…

Armada dancing!!! Vamos!!!

Davis Cup: Armada Moments to Love

  • Rafa really wanted to dance, did a move, and realized nobody else was dancing.

  • So he clapped, waved, and gave a thumbs up instead.

  • This is all kinds of perfection - Rafa/Fer and Feli/Ferru bromances.

  • Fer/Ferru sharing some love.

  • In the middle of Costa’s speech, Feli is just like… lemme show my abs and Ferru is all like… let me run my hands through my pretty hair.

  • Rafa pointed at me and Ferru approves ;)

  • More Feli/Ferru + water bottle = :X

  • Fernando, el torero!

DC Spain Presser.
Smiley David Ferrer!
Fer gets asked about his hamburger(s).
Feli gets asked about Judy.
Fer calls Feli “deliciano”.
Too good. 

Davis Cup: Spanish Armada

Ferru Feli Kiss :’)

No, but seriously.



Look at this country’s fucking team.

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I love tennis, Rafael Nadal, and traveling. I also like Fer, Feli, and Pico. Barça is my team.